The Story_

Batelier Handicraft is a brand which we established in 2013. From the very beginning, our main goal has been to provide high quality, eco-friendly, wooden products. What is the most important is that these products are handmade. For each product, we take an individual approach. We believe that true craft is able to offer much more than a mass production. Our products have a soul and a piece of heart left inside them by their author.
We design them ourselves, and we try to give a unique character to these ordinary things. We pay particular attention to their functionality and ergonomics by appropriately adjusting the parameters such as weight and dimensions. It is also important for us to end them well; careful treatment makes the finished product gain a high quality.
Ever since before I could remember, I've always been interested in activities that require creative thinking.Sebastian Profic, CEO

The process_

The production process starts with choosing the right type of wood. Depending on current needs, it is oak or beech wood. Before the work, every piece of wood must have the proper moisture level. That’s why we take care of storing them in the open air accordingly long, and then we thoroughly dry them. The initial work is done using mechanical tools like saws and planers.
Further stages of production are processed by hand. Finally, all products are precisely sanded to get a sufficiently smooth surface, then oiled to bring out the wood grain and protect the final product from dirt and dust.