We’re pleased to announce that We have commited to plant 1200 trees over a one year period. We will support “20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests” Campaign launched by International Tree Foundation.

What is International Tree Foundation (ITF)?

International Tree Foundation (ITF) aims to promote a new culture of trees that contributes to a change of attitude in the relationship with our environment. The fact is that planting and maintaining trees constitutes, together with the reduction of CO2, one of the basic pillars to counteract the consequences of global warming, ITF concrete actions to promote, support, advise, manage and finance serious initiatives and viable in all possible fields of action that will result in the planting and maintenance of trees.
As Batelier we are expertise in extraordinary wooden goods that are specifically designed for home, office, and other apple products. The fact is that we make use of the natural wood to make the best products. Notwithstanding the reality, that we use timber merely from confirmed sources and it encompasses FSC official recognition. For knowledge the FSC guarantees and verifies that all goods that are crafted are from sound administered tree-plant that offers ecological, societal, and monetary reimbursements. Thus, we determine to convey the wood back through International Tree Foundation. ITF aids in planting trees in the UK and Kenya, but we will give the monthly contributions for this. What our part is that we will bear the total expenditures that are involved in planting 100 trees a month. The assistance commenced on 1 NOV 2016. We replant trees.
Planting trees are the main foundation object that is implemented. The tree is always the result of a long process of information and reflection, in the search for intelligent and achievable for improving environmental solutions. We are confident that our society has enormous potential to respond effectively to the environmental crisis that we face today. We want our activities more to help awaken the potential that remains, still, too latent spark.
We plant, with the sponsorship system of ITF. Planting trees are performed also at the public spaces in the Uk and Kenya. It is believed that planting trees are more important than objectives; the means for achieving them, in this sector involves the participation of all people who want to join the initiative. Through this participation, we hope to grow the awareness of society about the beauty and importance of trees.
We love trees and we replant them again so in order that the love and nature remain stagnant, devoid of any loss to the society. As it is evidence that tree contributes to having a better environment.

Reasons why we plant 100 trees a month through ITF

  • Trees clean the air of greenhouse gasses and other pollution
  • The trees give off oxygen
  • Trees help purify water
  • Trees can maintain freshness in the city and at home to reduce cooling costs
  • Trees work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a better world. So we do by planting them


None of the elements of our field of action is new. Fortunately, there are many public and private organizations around the world who are working for the preservation of biodiversity and its impact on a better quality of life and sustainability of human development. It is in the way we assemble our procedures and objectives which contribute our originality and experience, as does all solid project, eager to form an effective part of the whole conservationist group varied working voluntarily and every day in our society for a better world. We are happy to announce we re-generate trees by donating a lump sum amount of money which is invested in planting trees again.

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